HSE Local Authority Waste and Recycling Inspections

DS Risk Management May 2015 Bulletin – Waste Special

The waste and recycling industry was always an area of great focus for me during my HSE days and I believe that HSE, the Waste Industry Safety and Health forum (WISH) and industry itself has taken great strides to improve standards and make the industry safer. Having investigated or managed investigations into a number of serious and fatal incidents involving waste services, I know first hand the effects such an incident has. There is though still room for further improvement.

It is still an area of focus for HSE and indeed my latest bulletin gives you more information about the current inspection initiative that has been started by HSE. As the former Lead Inspector for waste and recycling, I know exactly where the vulnerabilities remain and how to solve them.

Read on, reflect, then get in touch to see how I can help.

DSRM Newsletter 2 – May 2015


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